september first {is here}.

To celebrate the first of September, which in my head, means fall, even though it doesn't really, but to me it does, I put out my first fall-like decorations. [I know I totally don't make sense. Just keep reading. I like to be all confusing like that.]

On Monday we went to Menards (I'm really a Lowe's gal) and I was sucked into the autumn decorations. Actually, I was forced to go over there because Audrey wanted to turn on the evil witch thing and make the scarecrow kick it's legs. I was telling Audrey how lame all of those decorations were and we needed to go to buy mums and pretty fall stuff someplace else. And she agreed. Okay, maybe she didn't. Nor did she really get what I was trying to tell her. She just wanted to hear the funny noise over and over again. Then I spotted it. A fall candle. After my nose became raw from smelling every $5 candle Menards had to offer, I picked one and put it in the cart with every expectation that when I actuallly went home to light it, it would smell like dirt. Because it was from Menards and it was only $5. But, friends, to my surprise, the candle rocks. And I'm lighting it every second I can.

Here's my fall wreath I made, hanging on our front door. Sort of like this one I made for my sister-in-law.

Next to our door, I made a welcome sign out of an old window that used to be on our house, burlap cloth, and paint. It states "welcome" and I truly do mean that. Come on over, friends.

And to add a touch of yellow to our kitchen, I bought a bouquet of sunflowers that make me really happy every time I see them.

I'm holding off on putting out my white pumpkins and buying mums. But probably not too much longer, I just can't stand it. And watch out, you may see me sporting a light scarf!

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