9 months in. 9 months out.

She's nine months today. She woke up with a slight fever and then proceeded to get sick about three hours later. I think it's teething related. Her two top teeth are acomin', one is already popped and her gums are super swollen. She has been a little fussy today, which is very rare for her, so I know something is up. But that also includes a lot of snuggling and falling asleep on me, which I love.

Before she went down for a third nap (and it's only three o'clock), I quickly snapped some pictures. She's such a good sport, I was able to get a smile out of her even though she wasn't feeling well.

{I read a trick somewhere--when taking pictures just pin up a cute blanket, curtain, or sheet that you have laying around for the backdrop. So that's what I did.}

Here she is nine months out.

The night before she was born, I took my last pregnancy shot. Here she is nine months in.

I can't remember what life before her was like. She has always just been apart of our family.
Audrey's little sister. My second sweet born. And definitely a daddy's girl.

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