small style {park style}.

Everyday I try to take the kids somewhere to get them worn out so they take a nice afternoon nap at the same time. [Yes, I look forward to naptime.] And 95% of the time it works, I get quietness for two hours. [Unless Naomi poops in her sleep and it wakes her up prematurely. Just sayin.] Yesterday after lunch, right before nap time I took the girls to the park. It was the first day in a while that you could walk outside without hitting a dense wall of humidity. It was still really hot, but doable for a half an hour. Naomi is getting to the point where she likes to be involved and going right with her sister. She is starting to pull herself up on things, but still not secure enough to not fall over, which practically gives me a heart attack everytime. She also wants to walk e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. by holding my hands. She will search for my fingers to grab onto and just go. Which results in back ache by the end of the day. Good thing she is so cute, or I wouldn't let her run all over me and take charge.

Naomi is wearing:
Shirt- hand-me-down from Audrey, Target
Pants- Baby Gap, I just scored these adorable linen comfy pants for $5 on crazy clearance. I wish they were in my size!
Shoes- Robeez
(Her booty isn't naturally that large, she has on a BumGenius cloth diaper.)

[By the way, Naomi is fully recovered from being sick last week. It was definitely one of my toughest weeks yet. She is usually such an easy baby, that when she got sick I wasn't used to handling fussiness. Whew. She is still teething, which is affecting her sleep and mine too! Eek! I'm ready for her chompers to be in!]

Audrey is wearing:
Dress: Handmade in Germany, my sister just brought it back--one for each of the girls, it has the sweetest embroidered kitties on them.
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Umi

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