well loved.

I think I mentioned that Naomi was dedicated at church last Sunday. It's not a day just to dress sweet and have family come, but it is truly a day where we share our commitment to raise Naomi (and Audrey) up in the Lord. It's not a job that we take lightly. But with God's grace, we pray that we do our best.

And I tell you what, these girls are so very loved. Just between our immediate family and Andrew's grandparents this is how many people came to Naomi's dedication.

(I'm one of six kids and Andrew is one of eight!
All of our siblings weren't even able to make it and we still had a very full house!
The left is mainly my side and the right is Andrew's.)

It was a lovely day--and Naomi wore the sweetest dress made by her Gamma. It was made from Naomi's great-grandma's (Nana's) honeymoon dress! Naomi was named after her Nana, they share the middle name Fae.

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