Last night [Or was it the night before that? Yeah, two nights ago.] I watched The Business of Being Born. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's all about birth. You are probably thinking whoa nelly, why in the world would you want to watch births?! This may sound weird, but birth is really intriguing to me. I'm interested in how other cultures perceive it and do it and in our own nation. Before kids, was I interested? Not so much, but being that I experienced two completely different births, it really intrigues me. So, I watched. And it made me want another one like right.this.instance. (Of course, I have been saying that since the day Naomi was born.) Then I remembered how sick I get while pregnant for the first seventeen weeks, and I thought I don't think I'm ready for that part of it yet.

I'm not sure what God has planned for us, but I know I was made to be a mother. It's tough, but I love it. Everyday the relationship between Audrey and Naomi grows and grows and my heart does the same. And I begin to think what would three...four...and maybe, just maybe five look like? Then I go back to three and four.

For now. Two is beautiful. And I'm taking in every moment of it.

How's that for a pre-holiday weekend thought? Birthing and babies. Happy July, folks.

[Another reason I was intrigued to watch The Business of Being Born is because the thought of a home birth has crossed my mind. With my first birth, I would have said heck no. But now, the idea is weighing in...hmm.....]

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