small style {floppy hat}.

Poor little N is still sick. She hasn't let me put her down unless she is asleep. She is being such a trooper, but I'm ready to have my smiley baby back. I thought it was teething related, but now I'm thinking she has the stomach flu. Which is utterly pitiful. Praying it doesn't travel through our house like it did back in February. Also, I didn't think sickness like this happened in the summer?!

In related news, Audrey has been a great big sister while I am spending extra time tending to Naomi. And of course, she has been asking for extra cuddles as well.

one of my all time favorite pictures of Audrey...caught in the moment...definitely going to be a canvas print soon

Audrey is wearing:
Hat: Target
Tank: Kids Headquarters, Second-Hand Children's Store
Shorts: Target
Shoes: TOMS

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