fireworks {not so much} and firsts.

I wasn't going to blog today, because, really there hasn't been anytime. But then our firework show was rained out and we came home early. No biggie though, because today has been jammed packed full of fun. We spent lots of time splashing away in a pool and celebrating my nephew's third birthday. Then headed to what was suppose to be an awesome fireworks show, where Audrey did a very first.

She rode a horse.

Without hesitation. With much enthusiasm. Like I don't want to get off. Look at me Mama! This is saying a lot for our little reserved, safety patrol. I was so, so proud of her.

Daddy stood next to her for just a very short bit and then she just wanted to go by herself.
I love Andrew' face here, you can see what a proud daddy he was!

And now, I shall buy her a pony for her birthday. [Kidding. But wouldn't that be totally sweet?] Naomi wanted in on the fun. She was mesmerized by it. She loves animals and squealed with delight at the dogs that were there. I'm pretty sure she said her first word tonight-- dog. Except it sounded like "dolh dolh." And I died of cuteness right then.

And you know we all sported the red, white, and blue.

9pm, folks.

Now it's time to make some fruit pizza for tomorrow. And you know it's totally going to look like a flag. 

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