about princesses or something like that.

We went to the park the other night at 8. Bedtime usually, but hey, it's summer. I sat on the sidelines holding a sick Naomi and watched with amazement as my two-year old just does her thing. She's pretty reserved when it comes to what-could-be-dangerous things, you know, like slides, and ladders. [ha.] I call her my little safety patrol.* [She's going to be one of those students in school, the rule-followers, yeah that was me too.] But this particular night she was loving the slides and look at me mama, I can climb all by myself because I'm a big girl. But my favorite part about the evening was listening to her sweet talk with another little girl, I think around four years of age. Audrey approaches her Oooooh, I like your dress. I have a Snow White dress at home. Do you like Snow White? If you are wearing a dress and around Audrey she will approach you.

I'm not one big on princess stuff and all that commercialism. In fact, I told myself, before I was a mom, that I wouldn't give in to the princess craze. [I also told myself I would never drive a mini-van. Now there's a Honda Odyssey sitting in our driveway.] But you know what? She's two and thinks princesses are cool. I mean, hello, Kate Middleton is one, I think she is pretty awesome myself. So I let Audrey wear the dresses and put flowers in her hair to be just like Rapunzel, and wear boots on hot summer days like Flynn Rider. [This is what she tells me, for real.] And I will especially let her call her daddy her prince. Is my prince home yet?

*Just for the record, Audrey likes to ride four-wheelers and horses too.
A girly-girl with a hidden wild-side. This could be trouble when she gets older.

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