favorite moments.

I've of been feeling sluggish the last few days. But there have been a few moments that just make my whole heart smile and keeps me going. It's like my gas gauge almost gets to empty and bam, I'm filled again with an abundance of cuteness. I decided I needed to write these cherished moments down so I don't forget them.

Yesterday Naomi wasn't feeling well. Audrey took it upon herself to make her a picture, get her a bowl in case she needed to get sick, ask her if she wanted a blanket, and put her hair up out of her face so it wouldn't get yucky if she did get sick. She also offered to watch Dora, since it is one of Naomi's favorite. Audrey is such a little mama, I love the way she cares for her siblings.

I asked Naomi what movie she wanted to watch--Brave or Sound of Music? She chose Sound of Music, I was definitely happy about that choice! I'd say her top favorite movie is Annie though.

I took a shower with Lincoln and he was so so snuggly, he even fell asleep on me in the shower. I'm pretty sure he was thinking "Ma, this is like where I was a year ago- in your belly, take me back, take me back!" Ha!

Here's a favorite moment from a few weeks ago:

While I was making dinner one evening the girls were outside, spending forever just sitting in this area moving nature pieces around and chatting. I was watching from the window so I came outside to check it out. They were making a whole world--their imagination never ceases to amaze me. 

I don't ever want to take for granted this blessed role God gave me--to be each of my children's mama. It can be so tough and challenging, but I wouldn't change it for anything. 

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