diy dining room table.

A couple of months ago I randomly decided I didn't like our dining room table anymore and I sold it on Craigslist that night. [I even made a little bit off of it-score.]

This is what our dining area used to look like. [Picture taken in fall 2010.]

I didn't have a real plan for the next table, I just knew I wanted something more modern. For about five weeks we didn't have a table to eat from. Our meals consisted of picnics on the floor and sitting at the two barstools we own. I didn't want to just settle on a table because we needed one. But I also didn't want to spend a lot because we don't plan on living here but for maybe another year.

Then I saw this table and was inspired. A DIY table. Sure!

Mother's Day weekend we made a trip to Ikea and bought the chairs I wanted. And that same weekend I just happened to find a frame on Craigslist (that was originally from Ikea)  for a table that was a perfect match in my eyes. [It actually came with a top, but it was lame-o, so we tossed it.] The handy-dandy husband bought some Birch wood from Lowe's for the top. He measured, cut, sanded, rounded the corners, stained with a really really light white-wash, and then polyurethaned a couple of times. [Happy Mother's Day to me.]

And now this is my new dining room table and chairs that I looooooove. [Along with new wall color, new windows, patched holes, and trim since the before picture above.]

One of my favorite parts about the table is the industrial-looking bolts. I should just throw a wrench on the top and call it a day.

Wanna see what our kitchen looked like before we got a hold of it? Check it out here, it was a doozy!

P.S. I love sharing home stuff and hopefully I will be doing that more often. I think it's fun to sneak a peek in other homes and get inspired, or be like oh good, they have a messy house like me. shew. And just for the record, I totally cleaned the dining room table off for you, it very rarely looks like that. Keeping it real.

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