father's day {a train ride}.

This morning we skipped church and I let Andrew sleep in until 10:30. [We never just skip church, but when Naomi's nap was beginning when church was suppose to start, I just said okay.] He doesn't eat breakfast, so I couldn't do the cute breakfast in bed thing or delicious omelet or whatnot. [Just for the record, I love, love breakfast and cannot skip it. And I especially love omelets and bacon.] Then we loaded up, had a quick lunch at my dad's house, and headed for an hour drive south for an almost two-hour long train ride. I thought Audrey might get antsy by the end, but it was actually really fun and relaxing!

I wore white pants to this event. Which was dumb and I knew it would be. But I couldn't resist my new J Crew pair I scored for $10 yesterday. I put the girls in t-shirt dresses I made from my old shirts a while back.

My little fam. I love that man. This was for him. To celebrate how amazing he is. And for my dad too! Also? Isn't that the most adorbs backdrop. I might return again just to use the props for pictures.

My dad, aka Gramps, with his grandbabies. I love, love watching him love on them.
 I never had a real strong relationship with either of my grandpas, so this melts my heart.

I'm telling you, the best props for picture taking there. Look at those sweet sisters and cousins! By the way, Audrey's cousin, Jonathan is wearing an almost twenty-year old shirt from when my brother rode the train at his age!

Throughout the day she would just look at me with the biggest grin. And I would say "are you happy?" She said "yeah!"

Words are not needed for this baby doll.

It was such a relaxing Father's Day. I'm so, so thankful for my babies daddy. Audrey wants to play princess, he's in. Audrey wants to play Abby and Emma, he's in. Audrey wants to go on an adventure to look for Dora and Boots, he's in. It doesn't matter what it is, or how girly it is, Andrew is in. Just the other day he was at a golf outing for work and he pulls out a tiny Sleeping Beauty from his golf bag in front of his buddies. And he thought it was cute, which is pretty much the best thing eva. When he sees Naomi and goes in for a thousand kisses she just grins and giggles. They know their daddy, and they know they are very loved.

And he is loved, so very loved.

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