small style {toddler TOMS}.

We were at the mall to get shoes for the hubs. But temptation got the best of me and I gave in when I saw the light shining down on a pair of toddler glitter TOMS. Ok, the light wasn't literally shining down, but there was definitely a sparkle in my eye when I saw them. Audrey no doubt loved the fact that they were sparkly and pink. [Silver ones were for sale too, but they didn't stand a chance against pink with Audrey.] Of course, what sealed the deal was the fact that the shoes were TOMS. If you aren't familiar with the brand, you should definitely check them out. Basically, for every shoe you purchase, they give one away. Every family member now owns a pair except for Naomi, which will happen eventually. [Just for the record, I own gold glitter TOMS. Yes.]

Audrey is wearing:
Jean vest: second-hand child's store
Plaid dress: Chaps, hand-me down from a friend
Leggings: Hanna Anderson, hand-me down
Shoes: TOMS
Left hand: Princess Tiana

Naomi is wearing:
Purple shirt: Target
Striped leggings: second-hand child's store, originally from Target
Shoes: Hanna Anderson, garage sale when pregnant with Audrey
Bow headband: Me, but I don't knit, the actual bow I purchased from Brightside Studios Etsy Shop

And a picture of how Naomi takes her sisterly love so well...

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P.S. I have been doing a little online shopping this week for the kiddos in the next size up. Have you checked out the Tea Collection sale? I grabbed this, this and this. I got an extra 10% off by signing up by email. Then I picked up some onsies at Barley and Birch that were 80% off, plus I got an extra 20% just by googling a coupon code. I'm not affiliated with either of these labels, nor am I getting paid to write this. I just LOVE sharing good sales out there! Oh, I also made one splurge on Naomi's first birthday dress, The Mini Social has Misha Lulu going on right now, so using a little bit of credit, I snagged the most adorable hot air balloon dress, which is serving as the inspiration for her birthday theme. [She doesn't turn one till October, but I saw the dress and knew that was going to be for her party. Plus, since it's a dress, she can get double wear out of it and use it as a top eventually.] Do you know of any good deals going on right now? Please share. [Although, the hubs may not like you for it.]

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