Oh summer. I love when it gets a hold of us and pulls us along for the ride, forgetting about to-do lists and other obligations. Just straight up fun. [We had big plans for this past weekend to get stuff done on the house. We accomplished zero. But we did hit up the farmer's market. Parks. Play in creeks. And eat lovely meals at home.]

Monday started out with gloomy weather. So we packed up and headed to a bouncy house about an hour away. Also? Why were these not around when I was kid? We had to wait till some lame-o one came to the fair every year.

Today we spent the morning at a local Sand Day event, which resulted in Audrey picking up a shovel once and spending most of her time exploring the garden near by. Oh, and a parking ticket. [Seriously, it's like they watch your every move hiding behind trees waiting to give a ticket on a street with zero traffic. Just for the record, I parked the wrong way because I was just lining up with all the other cars the wrong way too.]

But then we went to a concert in the park. Dancing is definitely more Audrey's thing.

Tomorrow I think the pool is calling our name. Welcome, summer.

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