true story.

The other night I was too lazy to make dinner so we ordered pizza. But somehow I mustered up energy to want to go for a run after eating. Whaaaaat. [Confession: The hubs wasn't feeling well so I needed something to do post-baths until the kiddos were going to bed, so I thought I could take them for a stroll.] While running Audrey would feed Naomi puffs like a mama bird feeding her baby bird. It was ridiculously cute and a great distraction for me as I was hitting the pavement. [That sounds like I was doing hard-core running, but I assure, I was not.] I managed to do a mile. I'm not a runner. But I pretended to be with new Nike running shoes. At the last corner of the run I passed an older couple riding their bikes. The lady looked back at me and I knew exactly what she was thinking. I was there once. With kids. Always taking care of someone else. But you will get your independence back. Sooner than you think. Savor the moments. I needed that wordless reminder. So I etched a picture in my head of that moment right there. Savoring.

After the run, while I was taking Audrey out of the stroller and into the car, I saw out the corner of my eye, a person, stretching, looking my way. I was feeling pretty good about myself right then--yup, I just went on a run with a double-jogging stroller. Beat that. Then I proceeded to put Audrey in Naomi's rear-facing car seat as the bystander looked at me. Audrey said um, mama, what are you doing? Then I felt like pulling a Homer Simpson Dooooh, and hitting my forehead.

On the way home, Audrey said mama, that was fun. I liked throwing rocks in the water and going for a walk. Apparently she forgot that I actually ran.

Oh well.

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