small style. {bows and stripes}.

I have an obsession with bows. This isn't the first I have mentioned this love that gets me searching on etsy for anything and everything bow related.

A bow makes every outfit better. Take Naomi's shirt for example. At first glance, it's like, oh yeah, that's cute, stripes and all.

But then you look closer and the see the little bow detail and it makes me love the shirt.
What I also love? Naomi looks so adorable and girly without wearing pink or purple. [Audrey only wants to wear pink.]

Naomi is wearing:
Shirt- The Children's Place, handed-me-down from sis
Pants- H&M
Hairclip- Goody's, Target

Last week, I got all inspired to make Audrey a dress to match a Misha Lulu dress I bought Naomi for her first birthday from The Mini Social. I used this tutorial as a bases, but really just went at it using old t-shirts I had. And came up with this...

(Sorry, I only have iphone pictures for now. I need to get the real-deal out and take some more.)
The dress on the bottom left is the one I bought for Naomi. I wanted Audrey's to coordinate, but not be too matchy. And it just occurred to me that I must be into black and white stripes as well, hence, Naomi's shirt above and this dress. Bows and stripes, yes, I like.

Audrey sporting the handmade dress at the Farmer's Market last Saturday with her daddy.

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