small style {handmade}.

Ever since I was little I remember thinking, I hope I have a girl someday. And lookie here, now I have two. And heck, we may just end up with a house full of them. [Who knows. I'm not picky, all girls, girls and boys, babies are so darn cute, it doesn't matter with me. But more indeed, I do hope.]

The point is, I love, love making things for my girls. This past weekend when we went on a train ride on Father's Day the girls wore t-shirt dresses I made. The one Naomi has on is made from a shirt I got while in Germany in 2001, and the sleeves are made from a vintage apron. And peeps, please don't think oh, I could never do that. Because you can, it really isn't too difficult. I can sew, yes, but I'm not some genius at it. If you look close you will see flaws, but I'm okay with that, it gives it character. [That's what you are suppose to say when something is messed up, it has character, you know.] I paired Audrey's with some shorts from Target and Naomi with baby leggings from Target. [I use baby leggings A LOT. Especially in the summer when it's hot outside, but cold in air conditioning. Quick and easy to remove and put on!]

Once I figured out how to make cute skirts for the girls, I just haven't been able to stop. Which is part of the reason I opened my Etsy shop. Skirts are awesome because you can wear them in the summer or with leggings or jeans under in the winter.

You don't have to tell me twice, I KNOW, she is getting so, so big and strong!
Naomi is wearing:
Shirt- Target
Skirt- Me, Rosemary's Cuppa
Shoes: Robeez

[Audrey didn't want her picture taken. That's a two-year old for you. Oh well.]

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