Dear Santa. A Holiday Shopping Guide.

Still looking for that unique, reasonable priced gift? Avoid the mall and hit up Etsy. But be careful. I'm not claiming it takes less time then going to a mall. Because well, it's addicting. You can find just about everything on Etsy. See, look here.

In case you don't have the time left, I have come up with what I like to think is a list of fabulousness. This would be my Christmas wish list, if I had one. But I don't. So this list is really for YOU.

Linen Tea Towel by Sara Smedley. You just can't have too many dish/hand/tea towels. They work great just to display like art or use them for what they are or place them in a basket and add some other fun things (like antique silverware), or place under a centerpiece. I love that this tea towel is made from natural linen. Oh, and did I mention there is a matching apron? Love.

1980's Chic Secretary Dress by Noble Town Village. Love this dress. Mmmmmmkay. May not be the best gift for just anyone, but it is definitely on my list (which doesn't really exist, remember). And I would pair it with the Daffodil earrings listed below. Thanks. Moving on.

Floral Headband by Knit Berry. I love this creative twist on a headband/hat. And for under $20? Yes, please.

Reusable Produce Bags by Love for Earth. How cool is this idea? A) It makes shopping so much more fun B) It is eco-friendly c) Your refridgerator will look even pretty keeping all your producer fresher. You might be tempted to buy yourself a set and a friend.

Daffodil Dream by MD Sparks. Give a little spring and cheer in this dreary cold weather.

I Will Be Grateful Canvas Print by Vol25. I'm a big fan of decorating with personal pictures or inspirational art. And this piece is definitely inspirational. What a reminder that we could each use every day.
Argyle Labels by Bohtieque. There is nothing like getting a personalized gift. And who doesn't love labels?
Splat Mat by Chalky Doodles. This is perfect for a mom with little ones (or ahem, me). Place this under a high chair or under a table when children are playing with playdough or other messy materials. You don't have to worry about your floors getting ruined.

Wanna know the stores off Etsy that I just personally bought from? I can't reveal what I bought, because some of my lovely readers are my friends which will be receiving the handmade gifts, but you can at least know the store. Check them out here, here, here, and here. [By the way, some of stores profit goes to helping a family with adoption- now how cool is that?]

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