My No-New-Year's-Resolution-Resolution.

It's only appropriate that I reflect on the past year, right? And think about all the wonderful things I plan on doing in the coming year, right? Because you know I have a list going in my head. Exercise more. Or at least exercise, ahem. Eat better. Or at least don't eat two desserts a day, just one. Stay on budget. Or at least don't hit up Goodwill more than once a week. Spend less time on the computer. Or at least spend a shorter amount of time wasting my precious me time searching design blogs [Although it's really not wasting now, is it? I am being inspired, and that's what matters, right?] Do more cooking. Or at least try a new meal recipe once a week.

And the list could go on an on. But, when it comes down to it. I won't keep to it. Let's just be honest. January and February may be fabulous in keeping to my goals. Then March hits and I will still be depressed because of the cold weather that should be spring and I will go back to my old ways.

But there is one thing that I plan on doing and can do. All year. I'm not even going to call it my New Year's resolution. Because it shouldn't be. It should begin today. Right now.

I want to love deeper.

It's funny how when you get older and you realize how important relationships are. [Oh, and trust me, I feel old today. My 14 year old sister insisted that I do not take her into the bowling alley today. You can just drop me off. You don't have to go in. Really. You can stay in the car. Then when I walked inside with her anyway, she kept asking me to leave. Whatever happened to me being the cool, older sister? Now I have the role of the embarrassing mom. I even wore my hip fur vest and bangs today. Oh wait, maybe that's what embarrassed her. Oops.]

So here's to loving deeper and building better relationships. Forgiving. Trusting. Asking for forgiveness. Talking. Listening. Hugging. Loving. To my family, my friends, and even the stranger on the street.

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