New Camera.

We finally purchased my new camera for my birthday (and Christmas gift). I wanted to wait until the big Thanksgiving sale to get one. I think we scored. I was able to get my Nikon with an extra lens and a carrying case for the same price I would have paid a month ago.

Let me share some of my first pictures ever taken with the amazing machine... (UNEDITED or as some my say SOCC)
(Pictures above were taken inside our city's courthouse.)

I was trying to be all artsy and have different focus points and what not, but geesh, it isn't as easy as it looks, especially when you don't have good natural light. But hey, I'm learning and it's super fun.

I'm up for suggestions and helpful hints. Like how to take good pictures of children that move constantly. Actually, just people in general. So if you like photography and have discovered something good, throw it my way, pa-leeze.

And stay tuned. Christmas decorations will be coming soon!

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