It doesn't have to be perfect.

It's a Monday and it definitely feels that way. It's cold and overcast outside. Audrey is going on day five of being sick. And we have plans to do absolutely nothing today.

But I am so thankful I can be home with her and stay in our pajamas all day if we want. (And that is pretty much what we are going to do.)

We were suppose to be seeing my brother return from Iraq at 10:30 this morning. Unfortunately he has had plane delays and won't return till tomorrow morning at 6am. So we get to get up super duper early tomorrow and see him before he goes to debrief for a couple of days.

But I am thankful he will be home with us before Christmas.

We are having Christmas at our home this year. I love hosting things and I volunteered to do it at our new-old home about a month ago in anticipation our kitchen would be finished. It's not finished. We still don't have countertops, a floor, or a kitchen sink.

But I am thankful for our home. And thankful that I have a family to host. This home will be filled with so much love despite it's imperfections.

We still are dealing with our car accident from last week. Andrew is driving around without a side mirror and damage on the car. We were told it can't be fixed till after Christmas.

But I am thankful that we have two working cars. Two. Wow we are so blessed.

This is my life. It isn't perfect. But it is so right and all in His plans.

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