If Only I Could Change the Ending.

It wasn't our typical Wednesday. That's for sure.

In the evening we met some of Andrew's family up in Indianapolis to go to Christmas at the Zoo and then the Old Spaghetti Factory.

And so it began. We saw wonderful lights. A great dolphin show. Santa. Bears cuddling together. A seal LOVING the cold all spread out on a rock. Sting rays. Sea horses. And even touched sharks.

I really enjoyed wearing Audrey throughout the zoo. The really bonus, she kept me warm!

After a late evening at the Old Spaghetti Factory we headed home. Audrey was immediately asleep in the car. What should have been an easy hour drive, turned into two.

Because this happened.

Dear Hit and Run,

Thank you for spoiling what was a lovely night. Thank you for side swiping us and taking off, leaving us to deal with the problem. Did I mention you hit us with a little 14 month old in the car? I hope your happy. Be glad she stayed asleep the entire time. Thank you for the $500 we now have to pay for our deductible. It was just what we wanted for Christmas.

And that is how our night ended. We were fast asleep in our beds at 12:30am. Now if only I could change that ending.

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