A pink room. Yup.

You would almost think I made up the whole house remodeling thing, since I haven't posted on it in f.o.r.e.v.e.r. But I didn't. Truuuust me. We are living in our little bungalow now. There isn't a sink, counter tops, dishwasher, or floor in the kitchen. Audrey's door doesn't fit all the way and allows for a 2 foot gap, which results in having to be quiet after 8pm. [Her door doesn't fit because it actually goes on the hallway closest, we just haven't got a door yet for her room.] Trim is lacking in pretty much all rooms (except for existing trim). A light bulb is dangling from our living room and dining room.

On the other hand, we have made TONS of progress. Like a working shower (which I have done dishes in), toilet, and bathroom sink (which I have scrubbed pototoes in). Painting is pretty much done in every room. It is really starting to look like a home. Soon. Very soon. I will be posting pictures of rooms with our stuff in it.

I will at least share a completed room (without stuff in it).
May I introduce you to Audrey's room...
It was no easy task to get to the "after" part. We had to do things like this:
Do you know what they are doing? Scraping plaster off the ceiling. Omgosh. Have you ever done anything like that? Just know, if you saw their face, it would be completely black. NOT. FUN. Once the plaster was scraped then new drywall needed put up. Wait, did I mention there was a drop-ceiling first up? Then the plaster. Oh, and the walls had to be built up to the ceiling, because they were exposed where the drop ceiling was. Awesome, I know. We did everything ourselves (with lots of wonderful friends and family), except install the new beautiful windows. So after the new ceiling, new windows, cleaning poop off the wall (this is not a joke), priming, painting, adding carpet, all new eletrical, new ceiling fan, you get a finished room. And don't forget about this beauty found in Audrey's room.

There you have it folks, one room shared, many more to go. So stay tuned...

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