He's Baaaaaaack.

It has been a year, with a short break in between. He has been protecting our country. Helping the Iraqi people. He has missed Valentine's Day, Easter, Father and Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

BUT he will be here for Christmas. He arrived yesterday morning at 5:30. We waited for him with much anticipation. It didn't matter that we had to get up at 1:30am and wait and wait and wait. It didn't matter that we only saw him for one hour before he had to leave to debrief before coming home on Christmas Eve. It didn't matter because he is safe and home for good now.

Thank you, Specialist Merriman, for your service. We are so happy you are home.

We made some rad signs for Caleb. Here is my sister holding hers. And in case she looks famous to you, she is. She was on Channel 8 News along with me, my other sister, and my brother. THANK GOODNESS they only got the back of me. Because let me tell you, 5:00 in the morning is not my best hour.
I felt kind of special because I got to hold a flag while the soldiers entered. The downfall of volunteering to do it? I stood there and held it for two hours. And now I have this awesome back pain today from it.
Gramps and Jonathan.

All of the AMAZING, DEDICATED Soldiers arriving TOGETHER (they made a choice to enter together, even though some arrived on a plane earlier). You could feel the love in the air.

This was quite the moment, when my dad got to see him and touch him and hug him. It was emotional to say the least.

Seeing his nephew for the first time in a long time. Caleb's face was priceless when he first saw him. (He hasn't seen Audrey yet, she stayed home and slept since she was sick.)

It is amazing to think that my brother is just one of the many, many stories out there. I saw soldiers who met their baby for the very first time. I saw soldiers that greeted their very pregnant wives. I saw sons being greeted by their grandmas. I saw dads being hug by their three kids.

I felt a lot of love in that place. And I am so thankful they are all home safe.

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