a few {random} thoughts.

I just looked up my recent pictures on my camera and realized the last time I took a picture was five days ago. FIVE. That sort of sums up my life the last couple of days.

We have been doing. And going. And I've sort of been in survival mode. The hubster fell down our basement steps last Wednesday and today for the first time has gone back to work and been able to function for more than two hours. And now I wish I could sleep for three days straight. Or at least one night straight.

Confession: I bought salsibury steak for dinner tonight. You know the frozen, processed meat you can buy? The kind you looked forward to in elementary school because that meant it was roll and mashed potato day? Yeah, I bought that stuff. I'm tired and not in the mood to cook. [I also cooked many meals last week for other people, so this week I'm cutting myself some slack.] And if you feel like eating ice cream for dinner, I say go for it. Every once and awhile it's good to let go and just do. Right?

The weekend was good, exhausting, but good. We stayed out late on Saturday night and went bowling. Audrey thought it was totally awesome. And I thought it was totally awesome to watch her in all her happiness.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. And I realized I had spices that were six years old that I had never used. I was about to throw them out, but instead told Audrey to go at it. Make me some pizza or soup with it. So she did.

Also? Sunny days are like therapy to me. 

Happy Monday, friends.

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