changing it up.

We have spent much of our weekend checking things off our to-do list on our little bungalow remodel. [Correction: My husband has spent the majority of his weekend checking things off his honey-do-list for our house.] All these little projects have gotten me motivated to change things up at home. We have only lived here for about a year and a half. But I'm already ready to change things up. Right now our living room, hallway, and kitchen is an awesome grand hotel blue (at least that is what it is called at Lowe's).

(This picture is a couple of months ago. I don't have empty frames up anymore.
And I have sold that coffee table.)

I like it, but I'm ready for change. And I'm thinking a light grey (Jumping on the bandwagon, I know.) I kind of want to erase color from the walls so I can decorate more with colors in accessories. Like yellow. I'm digging yellow and grey. Right now I have both- color on walls and accessories, and I think I'm getting color-overloaded. [I hope that makes sense.]

My style is also changing. It does this every couple of years. For a while now I have been into the vintage 50's look and some shabby chic mixed in. But I think I'm leaning towards more of an old danish style with a hint of Scandinavian, but still some 50's. [Wow.] In other words, I have an eclectic taste. I'm currently selling our dining room table, in hopes of getting one with more modern lines.

Good-bye table.
(Another picture that is a couple of months old- hence the fall leaves in the tins.)

Lastly, I think I need to find a place for this cast iron wall hanger.


[See, I'm corky, I like things that are made from iron and have deer antlers on them.]
Do you have any spring projects coming up? Also, share your wall colors- I'm curious!

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