unspoken words.

Have you told her lately thank you? Thank you for the many, many nights of of rocking/feeding/soothing me when I was a baby. Thank you for putting up with my hormonal-self during teen years. Thank you for just being there when I acted like I didn't need you, but I really did. I still do.

Have you told her lately that the small moments really did matter. The pudding dessert dishes that we anxiously awaited for till after dinner. The hot chocolate that heated on the wood burning stove while we played in the snow.

Have you treated her to her favorite dessert just because? Here's a pineapple shake, just because I love you.

Have you called her lately for just a simple hello? Hey, Jesus, could you tell her hi for me.

Have you hugged her or held her hand like when you were a child? I vividly remember holding your hand during church when I was little and examining all the creases in detail, and thought these are my mama's hands.

Have you provided a meal for her as a very small thank you for all the meals she provided you? Have a seat and don't get up. Let me serve you for once.

It will be five years tomorrow since the last exchange of words with my mom. She battled Breast Cancer for 4.5 years, and then went to be with Jesus on April 15, 2006.

Mother's Day 2005, the last Mother's Day we had with her

Please don't let your words remain unspoken.
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