the great hunt.

Have I mentioned it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and got up to 85? [Today is 60 and rainy.]
And so an Easter egg hunt it was...

This year Audrey was much more willing to get close to the large, fake bunny, that kids are suppose to love, but really is just creepy. (Check out last year's pic here.)

This picture makes me feel guilty for not owning any pets.
Maybe I will go buy a Beta fish or something tomorrow.

The great hunt...Audrey wasn't about to walk away with her basket even half full.

And be warned, you may explode looking at Audrey and her cousin, Jonathan loving on each other.

Naomi was there, but she was mainly doing this.

Daddy's babywearing is THE best.

It was a good day. And now we have a lot of bribery candy on hand.

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