this week.

I was going to save these pictures for Small Style on Thursday, but they were so cute, I couldn't wait.

(In case you were wondering: tunic-thrifted, pants- H&M, shoes-Umi*)

Yesterday, was such a beautiful day here. Warm enough for tank-tops and sandals. We grilled out steaks. And talked about how God made the sun and wind. We also got a lot of projects done on the house. And this week I have big plans to start painting. 

Other than that, we don't have a lot going on till the next busy weekend comes. I do plan on making a conscious effort to be less on the computer during the day (checking email, instagram, twitter, oh my, social media), and more time playing with Audrey and Naomi. I have some spring crafts I want to do together and make a dolhouse out of shoe boxes (the link is my cousin's blog, she is so crafty!). Oh, and Naomi will turn 6 months tomorrow-eek!

What is your week looking like? Or you can just tell me something that made you laugh over the weekend.

*I bought the Umi's from 6pm.com. They were on major clearance. In fact, I bought four pairs of shoes and some shorts from them (all on big sale). They had really fast shipping and great brand name stuff. The only downfall is---they don't do exchanges and you have to pay for shipping if you need to return. But I will definitely buy from them again. And no, I did not get paid to write this or get any credit. They have no idea I even wrote this. I just like sharing a good place to buy.

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