i don't have the energy to think of a clever title.

Sometimes you just got drop everything and go.

Miss Debbie Downer knocked on my door this morning. I was about to let her in. Then I decided that she wasn't welcomed, and I quickly gathered up the girls and left. Confession: She did come in for a short bit, but then I made her leave. [She thought she might pop in because it was rainy, cold, and my husband is now sick with a bad case of the flu after being out for five days from falling down the steps last week.]

We spent the day at the Children's Museum. It was well worth the two-and-a-half drive there and back. Especially the peaceful hour on the way up while the girls slept. I didn't even turn on music. I just drove in blissful silence.

I know you aren't surprised by now, but I forgot my camera at home. So iphone pictures it is [again].

This is my new-used double jogging stroller that I scored on Craigslist yesterday. And so far, I'm loving it. Grant it, I haven't actually ran with the thing yet, but today it maneuvered so well in the museum and fits nicely in our van. Also, it tickles me fancy to see the two interact when they are sitting next to each other in it.
Going on hour three of the museum. She is definitely at the "I shall not sleep as long as there is a party around me stage." But fortunately, she is usually still a pretty happy baby.
 Audrey is sporting her sister's tutu, a 6-12 month size. But she insists on wearing it. And so it goes.

Carousel riding. Always magical.

This was by far my favorite part. Watching Audrey in awe of the little dollhouse rooms. She thoroughly checked out each of the fifteen rooms.

 Pink phone. Need I say more?

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