I don't know about the weather you are having, but here you can wake up and it will be 40 out and by evening it's 85. Which results in congestion and sniffles with my entire family. [Oh well, I will take it with the nice weather.]

It's Saturday night and I'm blogging. Last night I was sewing at this time. And the night before I was painting my living room. My life is wild, watch out.

I don't have a whole lot to say, except I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Soaking in good sunsets. Perhaps having picnics with your little ones. Throwing a softball around. Eating yummy desserts. And just making the small moments so big.

There's our happy baby. Last week she was teething, which was quite rough. But this week? Two teeth popped through on the bottom and she has been back to her cheery self (and sleeping again!).

And just so you know why I usually share more pictures of Naomi...this is me attempting to get one of Audrey.
Me: Audrey can you stop and smile for me. I want to take your picture.
Audrey: No, Mama. I'm reading my book. "Once upon a time there was a bootiful princess..." straight from the book Green Eggs and Ham.

Also, you can check out the mess everywhere or the new paint color on the walls--grey! It used to be a bluish color. And I'm loving the new color.  I plan to share more of the color makeover another day. Stay tuned!

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