half a year.

I'm going to do it--sound all cliche. But really, where has the time gone? How is it she is already six months old today? This second time around, it really does go so much faster. [What's going to happen with number three, and perhaps number four, wowee.]

This morning I was all excited to get a little photo shoot set up and snap some pictures of this adorable chica, but I was only about six shots into it and my camera battery died. Not to mention I had a certain two year old who wouldn't stop touching her because she was so excited her sister was wearing a tutu. Mama, she has a pink tutu on. I love it! Five minutes after I take the tutu off of Naomi, Audrey walks into the kitchen with it on. [True story.]

So this is what I got so far, folks.

And if you can't already tell that they are sisters, here is a comparison shot. Audrey and Naomi both at six months, with the same tutu on, no doubt.

Tomorrow I plan on getting some shots in some sweet vintage pieces. But for now, I'm plum worn-out, I painted our entire kitchen/eat-in area today. Can't wait to share pictures later on! [Also, who says plum worn-out?]

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