4 months.

There is no denying it. My little Naomi is growin' like crazy. Today marks four months. And each day she gets squishier and cuter.

Ah, love.

My Dear Naomi Fae,

Here it is, another month has passed. And I'm going to say it, you are still a good baby. (Thank you so very much for this.) You are very smiley and we have even got some good laughs out of you. You like to talk, which could be trouble because your sister is a big talker (and singer). Speaking of your sister. You adore her and get so tickled when she talks to you. I think this is one thing I'm looking forward to most- watching your relationship blossom with her. I hope that you are best of friends. So, you have become a drooler. And your sleeping through the night has passed. (Yes, very sad.) But, on the brightside, you still go right back to sleep after you nurse. I'm not sure how big you are, but I think you are on the bigger side of things. You are about to grow out of your 3-6 months clothes because you are so dag'on long. Which makes me wonder- will you play volleyball or basketball when you are older? Okay, let's not go there, I like you little and squishy right now. Oh, Naomi, I'm so thankful you are apart of our family. We love you.

Now look how much you have grown each month!

(The numbers on her shirt are just stickers.
My friend got them for me off of Etsy. They are totally cool.)

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