i walked outside for the first time in four days.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time my time stealing things. Yup, I'm a thief. I would get on Facebook and see my friends post things they are doing with their kids and then I would proceed to do them. My friend, Jade, talked about making homemade pancakes. So what did we do? Make homemade (blueberry) pancakes. Then she talked about a tea party. And what? Yes, we had a tea party. Then my friend Mindy talked about making clean mud. And you guessed it- we made clean mud.

I'm always for sharing ideas, that's one of the many, many reasons I love blogging and just social networking in general.

So, now you may steal the clean mud recipe from me. (Which is really not my recipe at all.)

Another easy, fun, sensory activity for the kiddos. I used one bar of ivory soap, had my little sister grate it, then took about 1/3 roll of toilet paper and had Audrey tear it up. Then mixed the soap and toilet paper with hot water, a little bit at a time till it was a consistency I liked. I think I had a lot more fun playing in it then Audrey, but she did want her pigs to you know, roll in the mud.

So fresh and so clean clean

Also? We left the house for the first time today, since basically Sunday. (Besides driving around on Monday to pick up my sister.) Fresh air is amazing. It also feels good to not be wearing pajamas. What? I've been wearing pajamas for four days straight? Never. Ahem. Audrey sported her skirt that I made. I haven't posted the deer applique one yet on my shop, but do plan to.

And those of you that look really closely at pictures (like I do) will notice my super dirty floor. And a crayon randomly on the floor. Folks, this is the norm in my neck of the woods. Mmmmkay. Now come on over and have some tea, would ya.

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