decorating with the unexpected.

[I'm writing this post to distract me from the sickness that is still in our house. Poor Naomi now has it. It's pitiful.]

When I see something at a thrift store or garage sale (usually it is sea-green, turquoise, or some blue color) and I'm not sure how I will use it, I try to think outside the box.

Like a vintage suitcase. I use it to store magazines inside and place old books on top.

Vintage thermos. This shelf is not complete. But I took down my Valentine's decorations and I'm not really sure what to put up since it's not quite spring yet. So this is where I'm at with it. I'm going to fill the thermos with flowers to add some "spring-feel." And get some art up there too.

Old picture frame. I love having old frames hung in a collection. But when I have just one I like to put a picture up in the middle or a wreath or even a plate.

Vintage trunk. These are great to use as side tables or a coffee table. DVD's are stored inside of ours.

Lately, I have been seeing stumps being used as home decor. And I think it's pretty awesome. [Just wish I could afford one. Perhaps I can talk the husband in to finding a stump somewhere and making one.]

image credit: Real Wood Works on Etsy

All the items in the above pictures are from garage sales or thrift stores (except for the stump, of course). I'm definitely getting the itch to go to garage sales. Can't wait for the season to start. Do you enjoy the early Friday and Saturday wake-ups to find a deal? 

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