It's suppose to be around 60 degrees today. It's a February tease, but I'll take it. It makes this would be a difficult day, so much better. The warmth energizes me. It makes me want to reach out and take everything in for the day. To do this and that and live. Yesterday was a lot of that. A lot of {good} doing. Then came the night. Between Audrey getting sick FOUR times and Naomi nursing, sleep didn't really happen. And now, I have been short on patience. So I may just take a moment to bask in the sun and breathe. Just breathe.

I don't really have anything to complain about. I shouldn't complain. In fact, good things have been coming our way. On Valentine's Day I went on a date with Andrew and I keep dreaming about the amazing food we had. And the fact that I put on a dress, made me really happy. See.

(Normally, I wouldn't be able to wear this dress, because it doesn't really allow for easy nursing access, but I dusted off the cobwebs and put it on for the night.)

Then, yesterday, I feel like I finally entered the 21st century by getting an iphone. I had the same phone for three years. It didn't break, so I didn't really want to get a new one. But my tech savvy husband talked me into it. And yeah, I like it. A lot. I am already obsessed with instantly posting pictures on facebook. [Are we friends yet on there? Let's! Search for my first name, Abra, trust me, there aren't many around.] 

Alright, I must take a short nap while the kiddos are napping. Tootaloo.

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