winner winner {chicken dinner.}

[I couldn't resist.]

Hot-diggity-dog we have a winner to the skirt giveaway I posted about on Monday. And let me tell you, all your sweet comments really did make my week. I had folks telling me they shared it with their friends on facebook and twitter. Multiple times. Now that's true love. Thank you, thank you! I'm really excited about the doors that could open up from this skirt thing. I already have something in mind that I want to do with it, something really good. But more on that later. On to the winner.

Using Random.org I put in the numbers 1 to 40 and it came up with comment #23 as the winner! So congrats to Shanea! She said "I absolutely love the Whale of a Tale skirt!! I will definitely spread the word. Thanks for sharing about your mom...I feel like I get know her more and more."

Again, thank you for participating and encouraging me. And don't forget, if you see a skirt you like, but not in the size you need, I am more than happy to do custom orders.

And now, I leave you with this cutie-patootie.

(Even her tush and thighs are to die for.)

Happy weekend, folks. We are going to be crazy, crazy parents tomorrow taking Audrey to see the Dora and Diego exhibit at the Children's Museum on opening day. [I know. DUMB.] But it is going to be worth it to see her face when she sees the characters there. [Along with the other zillion number of kids that will be there as well.] Do you have any weekend plans?

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