life goes on.

A conversation between me and my husband yesterday:

Andrew: Are you blogging somewhere else?
Me: No, why?
Andrew:  Because it's been three days since you last posted.
Me: Ha. I know. I've been busy with life.

Now how cute is it that my husband reads my blog? And not only that, he tells me he checks it all the time throughout the day. You know, to see his girls. So I figured I better get a post in, for his sake, at least.

It has been busy over here. [Aren't we all feeling busy all the time?] Yesterday I went to the dentist and had three cavities filled. [Don't judge, I haven't been to the dentist in like three years. Shame on me. I know.] Now you probably could care less about that, but, folks, I was in a lot of pain for the whole day. You should have heard me trying to read books to Audrey before nap. I was still numb at that point, that's all I'm sayin'. Then today we made our way to Naomi's four month check-up. She weighs in at nearly 15 lbs (75 percentile) and tops the height chart at 26.75 inches (97 percentile). Everything is looking great with her, which I'm so thankful for, I don't ever want to take a good check-up for granted. Also, I've been sewing a lot while the babies sleep. I haven't posted any new skirts  in the shop per se, but I have been working on some custom orders. And can I just say, thank you, to those who have sent me encouraging words and even made a purchase to support this little dream of mine. This weekend I am hosting a baby shower for a friend and then on Monday I'm throwing a toddler Valentine Party, so I have been using my time coming up with ideas for both. Then you mix in the daily grind of dishes, laundry, and pretending to be Prince Eric, and my days just fly by. [Audrey always turns me into the prince with her wand. And she gets to be Ariel. I don't think that is really fair, do you?]

But there is always time to snap a picture.

(Both of their facial expressions crack me up.)

Quick, let's do a flash back to just three months ago, when Naomi was one month old...

I promise you, Naomi isn't taking any steroids, just good ol' mama's milk.

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