a clean house.

I'm kind of a clean freak. Not in the sense that I dust weekly or scrub the toilet everyday. But I just don't like clutter and things out of place. Which can be good and bad. I try really hard to keep our house decent looking most of the time. But sometimes I get stressed out about it and let it get to me and oh wow, I'm about to have a break-down because of a messy house. Then when I look back at the situation, I think-- dumb. Houses get messy. Every house gets messy, don't try to prove me wrong on this. And honestly, I think if your house is always clean and tidy, then too much time is spent cleaning and not enough time living in the moment.

So, I randomly thought I should go around and take a picture of my house right this second. (Yikes.) Without rearranging things or stuffing it all in a corner for a picture, I mean I have never done that, ahem.

Because, folks, I'm keeping it real.

(I really need to organize my sewing area. Poor Andrew, this is what he looks at every time he comes into our bedroom. And usually leaves with a piece of thread hanging from his foot.)

An always clean house is for the birds.

And by the way, I've been around. Check me out here (and read all about my looooove story with Andrew, and say hello to Morgan, she is pretty cool), and then I just found out someone featured me on their blog here. (Which totally makes me feel special. Thanks, Stacey, for the feature!) And lastly, I added a new skirt design here.

update: The new design (deer) skirt already sold! Thanks, Jessi, for the purchase! Now you will have to excuse me, I'm off to mail THREE packages today.

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