it's a boy.

I hosted a shower for one of my close friends today. And I was super pumped to do it because it was for a boy. And around here, we just see a lot of pink.

One of my favorite things from the shower: mustache straws. You read it right, mustaches all around.

(Here I am modeling one for you. I might just use one everyday because it's that fun.)

The mustaches are made from the cardstock-like felt. I just folded one in half and cut out mustache designs. Then used a hole-puncher for the holes. 

For the favors I made no-sew blue felt flower pins. Easy, peasy. Just cut, wrap, and glue. (To cut the flower, I just basically kept going around in a circle like a swirl.)

It was a fun day. Not to mention it was really sunny today, which always makes the day better.

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