babywearing love.

I absolutely love wearing my babies. With Audrey I was pretty naive as to what type of baby carriers were out there and really what it was all about. But soon, I realized how awesome it was and found some great resources over at Adventures in Babywearing where Steph really knows her stuff. Now, I feel pretty confident in what I like and recommend.

When I'm asked what is your favorite baby carrier or what do you recommend for babywearing. It is so hard to answer that with a short, one answer.

But this is what I can offer.

Wearing Audrey in the Ergo at the airport July 2009

Andrew wearing Audrey, October 2010

My personal all-time favorite is my Ergo. [I also have been wanting an Angelpack, that is somewhat similar, thanks to Erin and her experiences with it.] The Ergo isn't super practical for newborns, but once they get big enough to support their own head, I think it is wonderful. One of my favorite things about the Ergo is you can use it with children up to 35lbs. We still use it with Audrey. I love how comfortable it is. Last summer, I would put Audrey in it and mow the grass, while pregnant. Perfect for long days of babywearing like at the zoo or museum. Easy to use and quick. And my babies always fall asleep in it, no matter the chaos going on around. And huge bonus and one of the main reasons I bought it-- very dad friendly. Down-side to the Ergo? Expensive (but totally worth it).

Wearing Naomi in the Maya Wrap Ring Sling November 2010

Wearing Audrey in the Maya Wrap Ring Sling, December 2010

If I had to recommend just one type of carrier to everyone? I would say buy a ring sling. They are cost efficient. User-friendly. And works wonderfully for newborns on up. Also, they are easy to store in your diaper bag or just keep in your car. I use a ring sling for quick trips-like in and out of the post office. Once babies are able to sit on your hip, this is a great way to carry in the sling. I don't recommend ring slings for a long babywearing day, it isn't nearly as comfortable as using an Ergo. I am borrowing my ring sling from my sister-in-law, she has a Maya Wrap. But I have been drooling over a Sakura Ring Sling for a long time, but I don't think I will ever be able to afford one.

Naomi just born in the Sleepy Wrap, October 2010

Naomi in the Sleepy Wrap, February 2010

The other carrier or wrap, that I love is the Sleepy Wrap. It was so awesome to use when Naomi was a newborn. She just fit right in nice and snug like she was still in the womb.Three days after she was born I used it at the Farmer's Market to keep her away from strangers who wanted to smell touch her. And now I use it a lot by having her face out. This kind of wrap can be intimidating because it is basically a really long piece of cloth that you wrap around yourself. But honestly, once you try it out a couple of times I think it is easy. The downside? I think it could get pretty hot in the summer time. But it has been great for the winter. And again, great for babies when they can't support themselves.

There are a lot of babywearing options out. My best advice is to find someone who has a carrier you are interested in, try it out and see if you like it before the purchase. Also, don't give up if you don't get it the first time. Not all baby carriers are for all mamas, you have to find the one that works for you and your baby.

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