on having a two year old.

I looked at Audrey the other day. Like, really looked at her and thought to myself I can't believe I'm a parent. I can't believe I'm a parent to a two year old and five month old. This is my life.

It's easy for me to think the grass is always greener. But I'm telling myself, my grass is green right now.

I like love where I'm at.

Even the times when I catch Audrey dumping cup load by cup load of water out of the bathtub and then she freezes when she sees that I caught her.

Or when she tries to blame her princess for making the mess on the floor.

Or how she will take a washcloth to wrap her little zebra toy up in it, because it's cold.

Or the best times when she shares her most prized possession with her little sister to make her feel better {her blankie}.

Or how she will chew on the same piece of food for 10 minutes because she.just.can't.swallow.it.

Or how she sighs at everything. [I wonder where she learned that from?]

Or how she will ask me to dance with her randomly throughout the day.

Or listening to her carry her two favorite tunes from The Little Mermaid and Snow White.

Or how she asked me where her brother was yesterday. [Have no idea what this was about. Ahem.]

And last night she put together an entire 24 piece puzzle all by herself in the living room while I was making dinner in the kitchen.

People, I have a two year old.

And I love it.

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