the silver lining.

I watched a clip this morning about parenting, what a lot of us (including me) needs to be reminded about. Some of my friend's are friends with a (wonderful) lady named Meagan Francis, who talked about her book, The Happiest Mom on Fox the other day. And my mind won't stop thinking about it. [Please go and watch the video.]

Motherhood is tough, no doubt. There are days I want to scream, toss in the rags and go home, except I can't, because it is a never ever ending job. BUT, oh, there are days that are so good. That go click, click, click.

And I think we can have more of these type of days, when we look at parenthood as happy times. Because they truly are.

I'm not here to raise my kids to be in every type of sport. Or to play the most maginificent instrument starting at age three. Or to feel like I have to craft every day with them or cook with them. My goal is not for my child to be an early reader or to get A's all through school. Or to even go to college. [These things are fine and good, but they are not my ultimate parenting goals.]

At the end of the day, I ask myself have my kids been loved? Like, really loved. Do they know sacrifice and giving? Do they have contentment {not with this world, but with Him}? What about forgiveness? I want to teach love, because He first loved us.

I love when Meagan says, Be the parent you are. Be who you want to be.

That's what I'm going to do. Keep parenting with my imperfect ways....but with lots and lots of love.

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