small style.

[I almost didn't get a chance to make this post. But alas, it's almost midnight and I'm getting it ready to post first thing in the morning. It's just too dag'on fun and cute not to do. Joining in over at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style.]

Remember how last week I was like "yeah, it's easy to capture a five month old, but not a two year old." This week was quite opposite, because every time I thought to take my baby's picture she was napping. Five months old sleep A LOT.

But when they aren't sleeping, they are pretty darn cute. [Wait, they are cute even when they are sleeping.]

Headband- Me, Rosemary's Cuppa
Embroidered shirt- Can't remember, it was Audrey's when she was a baby, Carter's brand
Leggings- H&M

Audrey's Small Style...
(Audrey gets a kick out of being silly.)
 Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Misha Lulu, The Mini Social (This skirt inspired me to make some out of vintage fabrics.)
Leggings-Old Navy
Boots- Gifted
(Diego made an appearance in her left hand.)

 (Folks, it got so warm here that we actually whipped out the water table to play in.)
Dress- Target
Leggings-Old Navy
Boots- Gifted
Shirt- Target
Socks- Baby Leggings
Shoes- Converse
(And Ariel made her appearance as well.)

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P.S. Some of you were asking about the red coat that Audrey had on in a previous post, it is from Gap and borrowed from a friend. :)

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