strike a pose. {small style}

I'm just going to say it, my attitude is totally affected by the weather. I wish I could be like oh, seasons are beautiful and good and... It snowed here yesterday, folks. Okay, I'm exaggerating a small bit, it flurried some and melted immediately, but still. It's almost April. And I want spring weather pronto.

So I'm going to blame the weather for the lack of blogging and taking pictures. [Like missing a What I Wore post yesterday.] Mmmkay. Moving on.

This is the only Small Style I captured this week...I asked Audrey to smile and instead she struck a pose.

Hat- Etsy (bought it for her first birthday, and it still fits)
Jacket- recently purchased from Baby Gap on sale
Shirt- H&M
Stripe Leggings- Baby Gap
Boots- Old Navy

You may want to take a peek over at Mama Loves Papa, because I think Morgan is having a pretty awesome giveaway! (wink, wink)

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