17.5 lbs of Pure Squeezable Love.

That's what I carried around the Indianapolis Zoo today for four hours. In my sling. The entire time. And it was the sweetest thing ever. Even if I was sweating like a mad woman in what was suppose to be 71 degrees and ended up like 80 (I am NOT complaining, bring on the warmth). And I pushed an empty stroller around the whole time too (thankfully I had help with this one here and there). [I. love. her. chubby. legs.]

Going to the zoo also kind of felt like a mini-celebration for Audrey turning 6 months today. I mean, going from this...

To this... (heart procedure done at the ripe age of 5 days old)

To this in six months...

is quite amazing if I do say so myself.

Edited to Add: At the zoo I ate a second day old, sitting in the sun for at least 3 hours, sub while watching the seals and holding sleeping Audrey in the sling. And at that time I thought that sub was amazing. Funny how everything is so relative to the moment.

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