When and Wear.

Since Audrey was a wee-little baby. And she was tiny at 6lbs. 13oz. or at least in comparison to her cousin who came out at 9lbs 6oz. I loved wearing her. And still do. I clearly remember wearing her in my brown and whit polka-dot Hot Sling when cooking dinner. Folding laundry. Church. Out on walks. Pretty much, everywhere. Because it made me feel secure and her. Plus it made me feel safe taking her out in public when she was still very young. As she got bigger, we moved on to another sling. A fleece Kangeroo Korner. At her age now (a whopping almost 6 months) she loves to be looking around at everything. So this is perfect because I can wear her facing out. Some of her favorite places to go in this include but not limited to: Target, park, and TJ Maxx. And I LOVE this sling because it is so quick to put on. I am going to be sad when she grows out of it (which is very, very soon) and when it gets too warm for the fleece.
(This picture was taken way back in January, I need to get a more recent one!)

And don't think for one minute, babywearing is just for moms. My husband likes to wear her too! His places include: the mall and basketball games. Of course, it has to be in his Jeep Carrier.

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