Baby "Essentials"

Do you feel like there is a baby boom right now? Because I do. Which means, lots of baby showers to attend to or just a sweet gift for the second (third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth) child. I was thinking about the things that I have enjoyed as a mom. You know, those baby things that just seem to make life a tad bit easier or more joyful. And I wanted to share. Some of things may not seem practical and may not be on your list of "essentials," but it is my list. And here is that list...

*Trumpette Mary Jane Baby Socks. Love them because they are just so darn cute and don't require any shoes. And I am not kidding, I think Audrey wears a pair almost everyday. Look closely at the picture and you will see those adorable socks. See, even when it is almost bed time, she still has them on!*Hooter Hider. Yes, it is exactly what it says it is.
*Sophie the Giraffe. I have mentioned this amazing little toy before. It seems somewhat pricey for a toy. But totally worth it. Made from natural rubber. We don't leave home without it. And comes in a super, cute adorable box- perfect for a gift!*Kangeroo Korner Sling. Especially love it because I don't have to tie anything to put it on, just slip it over, put baby in, and you are off!
*Wet Bag. I always have one in my diaper bag to put anything dirty in (clothes, diapers, burp clothes, you get the idea). I love that I don't have to worry about getting everything else dirty and I can just throw it all in the washer. [P.S. I don't have that exact wet bag, but I wish I did, who knew wet bags could be so stylish?]
*Wall Decal. Okay, this really has no purpose for baby, except sheer cuteness for the room. We have little bird decals hanging in Audrey's room above the crib. And another one above the light switch. (BTW- that is me 9 months pregnant). I kind of want to decorate my house in decals, because they are just that cute. Etsy.com is the perfect place to find them. Warning: if you start looking, you may not be able to stop!
Baby Leggings. So convenient for changing. And stylish for boys and girls. These make awesome gifts! (BTW- that is Audrey at 2.5 months, and in case you were wondering, that is a crystal Colts bloomer she is wearing)

My list could go on. But I think I will stop there. Got any input? What is a great baby gift or something you couldn't live without?

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