Sweet Dreams.

That is what I am hoping to have once our new bed comes. I couldn't take it anymore. We had to get rid of our bed. Waking up multiple times a night and returning to a bed that requires at least a half an hour each time to get back to sleep does not work for me. We had a king size water bed [don't worry, it wasn't a 1980's one, it had a pillowtop and separate water bladders, wait, why am I trying to justify that bed]. But now. Now we are sleeping on an air mattress. And the sad part is, I have slept better the last two nights on that then our old bed. We sold our bed in a day on craigslist. It was kind of amazing. And I was kind of proud of myself for doing it. In fact, since then, I have posted tickets and sold them and now I have three other things for sale, all with interested buyers. I better be careful or by next week we may have nothing left in our house. Back to the bed situation. We ordered a new queen-size sleep number bed tonight! Let me throw this out---we do not have money, we are extremely frugal, BUT I wasn't about to go cheap on a bed (again). We looked at buying a bed as an investment, so we wanted a good one. One that would last. And one that worked for both of us. We also wanted a queen this time. Our bedroom is too small for a king and we only used half the bed anyway. So, now all we do is wait. Wait for the lovely bed to arrive. Until then we will be filling our air mattress up each night.

Some things you can go cheap on, but not a bed. Not something you spend a 1/3 of your life on. What is something that you splurge on?

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