Give Me Peace.

I haven't really felt like blogging. Sorry. I have to make a big decision soon (really, really soon, like any day now) about going back to work to teach. It has been the only thing on my mind right now. And I just can't decide what to do. I want God to choose for me, but I think He is whispering it to me and I can't hear right now-too much noise and distractions around me. I keep going back and forth on the decision. Ugh. I just want peace in my heart about this.

Isn't it funny how for some, decisions like this seem so easy to make? I mean, for some moms going back to work is what is suppose to happen. For others, staying home is the only option. But for me and my circumstances, I am just all mixed up. And I am tired of hearing all about the economy, economy, economy. All this talk is making feel guilty about me giving up a great job when so many people are looking for one. I know, completely silly of me.

Seriously, how I can I leave a girl as sweet as this one?

[Audrey loves our cat, Iree!]

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