Celebration of Life.

It's time. Time to bring out the bonnets for little girls. [Which Audrey has the cutest one]. Vests to button up on little boys. Hoping (or should I say hopping) for nice weather. Hiding the eggs. Spending time with family. Remembering the resurrection of Christ. Or for some, it may be a reminder of taxes due. April 15. Tax day. But for me. April 15 doesn't mean tax day. And Easter is even more than just a remembrance of Jesus' resurrection. It is also a reminder of my mom's new life. Three years ago was the most beautiful Easter day. Ever. You may not remember it. But I do. Like it was yesterday. The sun was shining as bright as can be. Not a cloud in the sky. And I know why. Because my mom was dancing in heaven that day. She passed the day before that Easter Sunday. April 15. I distinctly remember going to church that morning. Without my mom. But with my family. The family I had left. I have left. I remember praising God with tears rolling down my face. Thanking him for taking my mom out of her pain. She was a fighter. A fighter of stage 4 Breast Cancer. I don't write this out of pity for myself. Or a 'woe is me' blog. But, really I write what is going on in my head. And right now. Right at this very moment. It's my mom. And her granddaughter she never met. At least here, one day they will meet. In heaven. And thankfully, I can already tell my daughter carries parts of my mom. She is a gentle reminder for me. And I like that.

Oh, and what I really want you to get out of this post. Really. Is to check yourself. You can never, ever over check. No matter what age.

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